Introduction to the ILD Interdisciplinary Network

The ILD Interdisciplinary Network (ILD-INN) developed over a period of several years as an informal group of ILD specialist nurses to provide peer support, ad hoc ILD educational study days and shadowing opportunities for newly appointed nurses working in ILD care. In 2015 that group re-launched with a committee and formalised the ILD Network first by consolidating the nursing element of the network around the principles of ILD care management, but also opening up the group to all healthcare professionals (HCP)’s working in ILD care. INTERSTITIAL LUNG DISEASE – INTERDISCIPLINARY NETWORK LIMITED was limited by guarantee in March 2016. ILD-INNs purpose is to provide a supportive network, promote ILD specialty practice through education and professional development and to influence the policy of ILD care.

Mission Statement

To influence improvement and developments in ILD care.

To act as a professional body that can influence policy and practice in ILD care throughout the UK.

To provide expert opinion to raise the standard and provision of ILD care.

To encourage collaboration with all multi-disciplinary ILD specialists.

To support and promote equality in service provision for patients with ILD and their carers throughout the UK.

To provide a supportive network for all ILD network members to encourage information sharing, best practice and research collaboration.

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Training & Development

Some Interesting Facts

  • 200 Plus ILD's. Many are rare
  • 263 Delegates at Study Days
  • 170 New ILD-INN Members
  • 27 Patient Support Groups
  • 5000 People die of IPF per year

Regional Networks

The ILD-INN is keen to support the development of regional networks supporting healthcare professionals specialising in ILD locally. New and established regional groups and their contacts are listed along with details of the next planned meeting. Click here to find your local ILD-INN network

The ILD INN, the place where ILD professionals meet to share their knowledge and experience, to promote the advancement of ILD healthcare.  


We would be delighted to hear from interested healthcare practitioners (HCP’s) working in ILD care who are interested in joining or supporting the group.