Interstitial Lung Diseases
Interdisciplinary Network

The ILD INN, the place where ILD professionals meet to share their knowledge and experience, to promote the advancement of ILD healthcare.

Welcome to The New Improved ILD-INN Website – Launched 26th June 2018. We are delighted to announce the new ILD-INN website is now live. We hope you like the results.

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Introduction to the ILD Interdisciplinary Network

The ILD Interdisciplinary Network (ILD-INN) aims to provide a supportive network for health professionals of all disciplines working in interstitial lung diseases. ILD -INNs purpose is to provide support, promote ILD specialty practice through education and professional development and to influence the policy of ILD care.

What are the aims of the ILD-INN?


We provide a supportive network for all ILD network members, encourage information sharing, and promote best practice and research collaboration.


The ILD-INN encourages information sharing, and provides learning resources and materials, with the aim of improvement and development of staff within ILD care.


Through peer support and education we aim to use this influence to raise the standard and provision of ILD care.


29th October 2018
29th October 2018 6:30pm–7:30pm

Virtual Air UK

Roche will host a series of four virtual meetings, providing
healthcare professionals from across the UK with the opportunity
to learn more about IPF patient management from a number of
national experts in this field of medicine.

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